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just your average transgender tattoo artist and photographer trying to normalise the trans experience

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We can only control ourselves. (part 1)
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@Nicole_louw_ · 4:36
My London life part 1 (getting hormones)

Documenting my journey, living in London as a trans woman #transgender #mtf #london #londonlife

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@Nicole_louw_ · 4:43
I empathize with the haters
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@Nicole_louw_ · 4:51
Has taking photos with film cameras changed my life?

Switching from digital cameras to film has inadvertently changed who I am as a person

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I'm here. I did it... Now what
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@Nicole_louw_ · 4:26
My thoughts on my future as a trans woman( PLEASE DONT KILL ME ! )

What does the roe vs Wade ruling mean for trans woman? These are my experiences and thoughts. Pls note I am not trying to take anything away from any1

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Is our humanity carried in our name?

The moment things become anonymous. Human decency seems to dissolve. Or am I wrong?

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I'm back.

A brief catch-up on where I've been

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A constant disapointment

Rant, mental health, introspection

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Boobie and life with boobies

Top surgery, transgender, lgbtqia

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The vaccination thing

My issues with my Mom and the vaccine.

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Boys being boys.

I'm sooooooo over that excuse.

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I'm back

Don't over think things....yea rite.

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I finally got my boob job.

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8 days

8 days till I get something I've waited 8 years for (a brief description)

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*Trigger warning* self harm

Self harm, lgbtqia, anxiety , depression.

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@Nicole_louw_ · 3:28
My resentment towards my parents. Does not mean I don't love them

This is the first time I've ever really spoken about these thoughts

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Something light hearted. (early day transition easthetic)

Early on in my transition I looked like a mess 90% of the time

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Why am I tough?

What I would give just to be soft

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I support you, you are valid, you are safe

Discussing my anxiety around social media and being trans

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*trigger warning* my experience of being groomed by a predator (this first time)

I've been thinking about the abuses and trauma I have experienced through life. (this was one of the first I can remember)

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Being a transwoman: my journey so far - an open conversation with you

#motherhood #transgendee #transgirl #tattooartist #tattooart #photograoher