Men will have their opinions, and they will voice them about women's bodies. And that's just how we should accept things. Let me give you some context. I'm on a group. It's a BDSM group. And last night some man openly voiced his disgust for a woman with big b****, and that caused a lot of harm to that girl. And she ended up leaving the group and was really upset and highly irritated and hurt

I'm sooooooo over that excuse.

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 3:23

One conversation at a time

But you're talking also about interpersonal conversations that are private that are not under public scrutiny. Now, social media is a weird hybrid, right? It's public, but it's sort of private. It's weird. We're all being open in public in conversations that would have been quiet and in salons before social media. So when you have anonymous people saying things into a group, you're going to have people dissenting and people supporting and you're going to have that whole cacophony, right?
Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 3:12


Hi Nicole. Thanks for your swell. So men are trash, right? Yeah. I think it's such a shame, but especially in a space where it's like BDSM, and you're meant to be selling celebrating people's bodies because it's about intimacy and all of the variation of sex and all of that stuff. It's really frustrating that in those kind of spaces, you will find the most wonderful, most open, non judgmental people