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(they/them) Hi, I'm Charlieri and I'm here to chat LGBTQIA stuff, sprinkled with my love of literature, garnished with the odd poem!

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 0:51
My mistresses eyes are nothing like the sun

A poem by William Shakespeare

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 3:48
"I'm bisexual, but I could never be in a relationship with..."

Why do we find it so difficult to potentially see ourselves in queer relationships?

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 3:30
I'm back, and I'm trying not to feel guilty for making use of my rights as a worker.
Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 4:49
Do you trust the structure of your relationship more than you trust your partner?
Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 3:09
New Relationship Energy (NRE) and what that means in Poly and Ethical non-monogamy
Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 1:54
Kitchen Table Polyamory - What is it?
Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 0:59
What do you think of adding a pronoun feature to Swell?

Do you think it would be helpful to see someone's pronouns when you respond to their Swell? Let me know so we can shape our community.

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 2:37
My first time back at the Cinema // The French Dispatch

Just sharing the utter joy of watching a film in the cinema again

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 1:09
The next series of Sex Education to have two new trans characters 💙💖🤍

I came across a casting call that gives us a sneaky peak into a future series of the Netflix show Sex Education.

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 1:50
Multiamory - a podcast about ethical non-monogamy, poly, the works

A reccomendation: come and share your favourite episodes with me

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 0:55
Virtual / Long distance date ideas?

Dates, friend dates, family gatherings - how have you connected with people you live far away from?

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 2:15
Are touch and pleasure essential human needs?

Share your thoughts with me 🤗

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 4:52
Ghosting: What are your thoughts?

Is ghosting protecting people from bad experiences, or creating them?

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 1:17
Do you still talk with you ex(es)?

What's your relationship with your ex, and do you think staying connected with previous partners can be valuable?

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 2:56
A very polyamorous moment -- have you ever felt compersion?

Sharing a beautiful moment between an old metamour and an ex with whom I'm reconnecting 💕

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 3:40
How can you help your binary trans friends?

A small way I helped my friend the other day by opening up an awkward conversation.

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 2:48
Is witchcraft making a comeback?

Both in pop culture and in the real world, there are more and more witches around. @NLOFrank @lissahoop @PKBriggs @Taylor @JLMcMillan

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 2:05
What are your plans for Halloween?

Or even Samhain?

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 4:50
How I came to realise I was trans

@NLOFrank @GiraffeOfDestin

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 1:43
The Virtues of Reading Aloud (to Yourself!)

I'm awaiting a PCR test for asymptomatic Covid and decided to entertain myself!

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 1:20
What are your favourite LGBTQIA shows and films?

Help me build a thread of reccomendations for the best queer shows out there 🌈

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 4:51
Why is Disney slyly "cancelling" The Owl House? @Taylor @NLOFrank @JLMcMillan @lissahoop @PKBriggs

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 2:02
I'm less tolerant now - and that's a good thing

How has the pandemic changed you? Has it changed you for the better?

Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 1:30
Talking Pictures: take a moment to unwind to the sound of the North Sea.