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Charlie Olivieri

 · 1yr ago · 4:50
How I came to realise I was trans

"…And I didn't know that I was non binary at all. First, I was like, S***, am I a man? Like, Holy crap. That's a lot. And so I just kind of gave myself some time to try and figure it out, I guess. And it's not all bad, really. It was good to look back and go, oh, this is why I had periods of time feeling like this. This is gender dysphoria.…"

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Tasha Frank

 · 1yr ago · 2:53

"…And it's the first time I remember leaving getting in the car and thinking, oh, my God, that makes sense how the nonbinary people have described themselves and they them. And I just sat in the car and thought, that feels right. That completely makes sense. So I learned about my gender from young people who I was supposed to be working with to guide and help and support and teach.…"

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