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Charlie Olivieri

 · 1yr ago · 2:05
What are your plans for Halloween?

"…And I'm really happy because the people that have put together the party have really made it tight, really set down the boundaries and the expectations. And that gives me so much comfort. They've clearly put loads of time and thought into it. There's going to be like little DJ sets. There's going to be UV paint. It's going to be awesome.…"

Or even Samhain?

Melissa Mccarter

 · 1yr ago · 2:14

"…And I just enjoying my daughter playing and having fun trick or treating in our house. And maybe we're going to go to the senior apartments that are down the street that are having a trick or treat on Sunday. And I don't know what a big deal that will be, but it should be a safe environment where we can go. And my daughter can have a semblance of normal Halloween.…"

Lots of fun! (I said Zoo at the Boo but it’s vice versa lol)


Charlie Olivieri

 · 1yr ago · 0:19

"…Hi, Melissa. Thank you for sharing. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the photo of your daughter. She just looks like she's bursting with happiness. So, yeah, she's capturing the holidays. It. And I hope you have a lovely Halloween this weekend.…"


Todd Wiese

 · 1yr ago · 2:04

"…I will be so I'll be antisocial for a little bit, but it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up, love the guinea metal radio station and check it out and have a great Halloween. I don't think my kids are going to trick or treat because they are teenagers now my daughter's dressing up as her Dungeons and Dragons character, but my son is not so much into dressing up anymore. So he's 15 now, but anyway, have a great Halloween and keep it spooky.…"