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Charlie Olivieri

 · 1yr ago · 2:37
My first time back at the Cinema // The French Dispatch

"…Hello, Silverse. I wanted to share my experience of being back in the cinema for the first time since the pandemic started, and also just my sort of general feel of The French Dispatch, which I loved cinema. The French Dispatch. The film by Wes Anderson, who is a director that I really enjoy. And the film is like a celebration of the magazine, The New Yorker.…"

Just sharing the utter joy of watching a film in the cinema again


Tim Ereneta

 · 11mo ago · 2:00

"…I was kind of actually surprised at the range of emotions I experienced watching the film. I think it helped that it was an anthology and so there's several stories to get caught up in and somehow Andersen specificness and quirkiness and characters which my friends have told me, you know, these aren't real people, so I can't identify with them and feel empathy for them. I think the specificity this time allowed me to go into the emotions.…"

loved it!