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Older than you, not wiser. Here to listen. Also to sing. A storyteller in Berkeley, California. https://masto.ai/@storytellertim

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Who wants to sing?

Join in, anytime. This is a timeless post. #singasong

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In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening

A Hoagy Carmichael/ Johnny Mercer song from 1951 #singasong #karaoke

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Asteroid City - Wes Anderson’s 2023 release

What did you think?

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Dear Spotify algorithm…

are you okay? #spotify #MusicCuration #playlists #audiomo #audiomo2023

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Tim Ereneta
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Daily audio for the month of June

Here’s my test to see how Swellcasts work over on #Mastodon #audiomo #audiomo2023 #swell #socialaudio

Tim Ereneta
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On retreat In Hawaii - a storyteller’s immersion in craft, theory, and shop talk

#performingarts #oralstorytelling #performancestorytelling #artistsretreat

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Pitch your improbable sequel or remake!

They said a sequel couldn’t happen. Prove them wrong. Imposssible to remake? Nonsense!

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⚓️Have yourself a Merry Little Chat Room 🎵


Tim Ereneta
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Valentine 🎵 (The Old 97s)

here’s a song you probably never heard #singasong

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To Mastodon or not to Mastodon?

As Twitter heads for a meltdown, people are looking at alternatives. Are you? #twexit #mastodon #twitter #socialmedia

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Microwave, shmicrowave. I don’t need one in my house.

Tell me what you use your microwave for. #kitchen #cooking #baking #food #appliance

Tim Ereneta
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What are the outliers on your grocery bill?

What do you splurge on? What do you buy without concern for cost? I’m just curious…

Tim Ereneta
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Public Service Announcement on E-scooters

I’m all for e-scooters as a mobility solution AND let’s be careful out there!

Tim Ereneta
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Podcast Review: Newts!

From PRX and The Truth: a surf rock musical adaptation of Karl Capek’s satirical sci-fi novel where humanity is threatened by intelligent amphibians

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In which I am invited back to the theatre after an 18 year absence

#improv #theatre #impro #impostorsyndrome

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My refrigerator beeps when the door is not closed all the way

in which I question innovation

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Jelly in coffee? What?!? ☕️


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Hearing familiar songs in an unfamiliar language

#Hamilfan #Hamilton #hamiltonde #HamiltonDeutschland https://youtu.be/kxERVyjYvYY

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Clothing breakdown and improvised repair - my entry for Day 9 of Audio Month

When you don’t have needle and thread: improvise. #AudioMo

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Huevos Rancheros

a simple if suspect recipe #cooking #eggs #dinner #breakfast

Tim Ereneta
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How’s your sense of smell? How is your scent vocabulary?

The nose knows. #smell

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🎵 Overkill

a cover of a Colin Hay / Men at Work song #ukulele singasong #sing #singing

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🎵 Build Me Up Buttercup - a collaborative effort!

Sing the next line, and then let someone else take a turn. #singing #singasong Photo (c) 2006 Auntie P https://s.swell.life/ST4GRCIYaXGEccX