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Tim Ereneta
@Tim · 1:30

My refrigerator beeps when the door is not closed all the way

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About a year ago, our refrigerator broke down. We had to get a new one. We went from a single door refrigerator to a double door refrigerator. And you can hear it beeping the background. That is an alarm that tells you that the door is not all the way close so I can go over and close the left hand door. And my first thought when we got that, well, that is a technological marvel

in which I question innovation

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Arish Ali
@arish · 1:10

@Tim if you have small kids the feature is essential:)

Hey, Tim. So I have to come to the defense of this feature because it has been a lifesaver for me. So the problem for me is not that I did not close the door properly. That usually doesn't happen. Where it is handy is when somebody leaves the open because they were doing a chore, like transferring things back and forth
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