My thoughts on my future as a trans woman( PLEASE DONT KILL ME ! )

And I think that's kind of what has got me thinking about this. In regards to me so recently I've had a couple of women basically argue that while they respect the fact that I think I'm a woman because I was born devoid of a uterus, that I'm not actually a woman and even past that have said that by me trying to be a woman I am stealing their womanhood or stealing their rights to be a woman or stealing their QUEENNESS as one lady said

What does the roe vs Wade ruling mean for trans woman? These are my experiences and thoughts. Pls note I am not trying to take anything away from any1

@Nicole_louw_ "Maybe you are more of an advocate than another with a uterus." 🙏🏽❤️🧘🏽‍♂️💭💯

So when they're sitting there saying, oh, you're not a woman because you don't have uterus, then that's part of that box that they're narrowing this into creating like these very absolute ways of defining something or something or someone. And so we definitely feel you and hear you on that because that is not the direction in which humanity should be going. Instead, we should be uniting in our differences
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So as the world becomes more controlling and more repressive and more limiting to what we know is true, which is the spectrum of sexuality, the spectrum of gender, imagination on our part helps us imagine our way into perceiving our future, our way into actualizing our ideas, manifesting our ideas through first imagining them as being true and then stepping into that truth through our imagination, because imagination is limitless and balance, and you can't control imagination. So just having that in our head
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And if you are a woman, regardless of whether you were born a woman or you're transgender woman or whatever it is, if you're a woman, like, Roe v. Wade is about abortion, but it's also about controlling women and taking away some of their rights and bodily autonomy. And if you are a woman, you are affected by that. That's what I believe. That's what I stand by
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And even though that was an amazing journey that I went on as a human in life, being a woman and doing all that, it's not everything that I am. And I've crossdressed as a man several times in life, primarily actually for safety. When I used to have to walk to nightclubs where I worked at night, I used to dress up as a guy, dressed down as guy, whatever you want to call it. What's it called? It's not drag