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*Trigger warning* self harm

And I think this is due to years of being told that I wasn't good enough by mentors, in my profession, by family members telling me that I'm not doing the right thing and by partners ultimately telling me that I was disappointing them because of one reason or another. I get to this point where I feel so frustrated that I want to scream

Self harm, lgbtqia, anxiety , depression.

Dewuan .
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This makes me kind of look at people with tattoos, possibly in a different light now, obviously, not everybody that has tattoos is addicted to self harm, but invariably in some deviation. The tattooing process does require breaking of the skin, and it can be painful for people who maybe don't like needles or something along those lines. So does the tattoos when you have them. Does it kind of quiet the need for self harm? Or is it just a small coping mechanism and it still persists?
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Self-reproach is hard. Poor you! / Judge back! / Find regeneration...

Hello, Nicole. It's Aki from Switzerland. I've never harmed myself. But I know that selfdeprecation and somehow regret rich for something we've done or judging oneself for what we've done is among the worst feelings I can have. Yes, I am in there. Then it's horrible. So I can at least empathize with you. Yes. Why do we have such demands? And when somebody is approaching you with something very often, they are demanding perfection from the outside
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Welcome to Swell!

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About your art cover...

And just by the way, letting go doesn't mean only letting go after you have selfharmed. But perhaps letting go go before self harming. Because even if you don't act in self harming, you can find a way of letting go. Just rid your cover
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But it's all of us that we bring to the moment. And we hold all of you in this space, the pain, the joy, the scars, the representations of where you are, where you've been
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If somebody is going to great lengths to seek attention, they're crying out for something. They're crying out for help, and they deserve that. That's going on a tangent or talking to people about it could cause more harm and all these things. And I have had to sit there with young people and say, hey, I just want to say that I'm a little bit concerned. There is no shame. You don't need to talk about it. This is a safe place
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For me personally...@FryedOreo

Hey, thank you so much for your response. I think it's a safe assumption to assume that people with lots of tattoos have a relationship with pain, whether it's a physical self harm or an emotional self harm or there is definitely a relationship with pain because tattoos do hurt. So yes, definitely not all
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Just trying my best....thank you so much @dzakyem

Hey, Zachi, thank you so much for your reply. Yeah. I think I think my biggest problem when it comes to turning the questions on other people is I so often I've fallen into this like the space of I don't want to burden other people, and I know it's terrible, but I don't want to make other people feel uncomfortable or I don't want to be a nuisance or be a pain
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Thank you for a new perspective @DBPardes

Hey, Deborah, thank you so much for your response. And you're right. I've actually never looked at it like that. My tattoos do remind me of all the pain. What I've seen to have done, and for anybody who seemed like of tattoos would know is every time I felt depressed and felt beneath tattoo, I put something very light hearted and very happy and something that brings me joy onto my body
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About forming a community

We put our posts every day hoping that someone is going to comment and someone is going to feel connected to it or something. So why are we saying that, owner, but if you're cutting yourself, you're asking for attention, and that's wrong. However, to put out a swell every day to ask for that same attention back is okay. I feel like we all inherently want some sort of attention. We want some semblance of love