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I'm here. I did it... Now what

I know who I am, but I feel like I'm putting less stock in how I'm viewed and the aesthetics of myself, which maybe is just something that comes with age. I know that having bottom surgery would make me so fulfilled and so happy, but by the same token, it just seems like an excessive amount of money to spend on something that is that unbelievably selfish, especially when I have a child
Rocío (Ro) Christensen
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Woo. Congrats. Congrats on moving to London. That's awesome. A big move. But that experience is very familiar to me. Kind of arriving, achieving something awesome. Great. Now what? It kind of surprises me somehow that things keep moving, keep changing. But of course they do and of course I want them to. But yeah, that's strange. I'm sort of similar in that I need to be working on something, towards something
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Challenges... Feeling free... Imagining changes...

Hello, Nicole. Very nice voice and touching testimony. I was saying something similar about myself in a post just before. Namely about challenges. And you're mentioning age as well. Changing things, possibly. Yes. What is motivating to us? How do we find energy? And yes? Are the impossible things the only things which are worth trying? I don't know. Sometimes we like imagining, perhaps. And we need to imagine possibly
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Welcome to Swell!

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And then I end up doing nothing, which then just kind of sends everything into a bit of a loop because it just starts again. So I need to kind of find a way to keep my brain busy and I've been shooting a lot more photography and stuff like that, and I've kind of branched over into film, which is great, but I've now need to kind of find some sort of not even design motivation to actually just do it doesn't help. That cool
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Hi, Jackie. Thanks for your response. Yeah, I definitely think age has come into how I experience the world quite a lot, especially within the last, I suppose, year. Before moving to London, I had to move to a small town and live with my family, which I haven't done for since I was 17, so 17 years