nicole louw
@Nicole_louw_ · 4:43

I empathize with the haters

However, because it's almost being endorsed by certain celebrities and certain politicians, they almost feel like it's okay to spew that hateful rhetoric. And I have had an influx of messages from friends who have now seen that advert and the plethora of hate being spewed on it. And they've all sent me so many messages being like, have you seen it? Don't go look at it. It's terrible
Christopher Melkus
@teenmethuselah · 4:09
And especially in the United States, where education is such a huge problem, there is no education here for logic and reasoning. It doesn't exist. No one gets to sit down with kids and say, okay, well, somebody talks to you this way, you need to talk about you need to understand why they're talking you that way and not just react defensively. I think that really comes down to it. It's so hard to keep up now