nicole louw
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A constant disapointment

Imagine feeling like you're constantly letting people down. Imagine feeling like you're just a constant disapointment. It's kind of what I'm dealing with at the moment, and I know that it has nothing to do with me. I know that it has nothing to do with myself, but it's still what I'm feeling from pretty much everyone around me. When my relationship with my previous partner ended, it ended purely for the fact that her parents didn't agree with her dating someone. Trance

Rant, mental health, introspection

Arushi Patkey
@arushipatkey · 1:27
I have felt the same like in the past one and a half years. A-A-A-A constant disapointment. I don't know if you want to hear this, Nicole, but I would love to tell you if you're working 17 hours a day as photographer, as a beautiful tattoo artist, and managing social media, because I'm managing social media myself, along with two other things in life, and it gets chaotic. Your head space is not. There's no time to breathe
Nimisha Malhotra
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Very rightly said? Feeling so inspired