My London life part 1 (getting hormones)

In fact, I am legally female. Like, you could just treat me as a menopausal woman and would be pretty much the same medication. And after quite a lot of back and forth, I had suggested that perhaps he just communicate with my doctor in South Africa because, and I don't think he wasn't trying to force me to detransition. I don't think it was a political thing. He just said to me that the gps here just aren't trained

Documenting my journey, living in London as a trans woman #transgender #mtf #london #londonlife

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This is awful. I mean, so you got it figured out, but now you have to do it all over again. That sucks. I like that you are living a better life or a happier life in London than South Africa. Where did you come from? South Africa. And also, I saw that you're a photographer and a tattoo artist. I would love to see your work. If you have an Instagram, you can get to mine. I'll drop a link
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@RoosterCollins it's all very confusing and very very frustrating.

And then when they asked why, I was like, because my blood levels are not where they should be, but for me to know that my blood levels weren't right. I had to send my blood results that I had done to my doctor in South Africa because the doctors here didn't follow up with the blood test, because the doctor who was dealing with my doctor in South Africa had left. So no one knew what was going on
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Welcome to Swell!

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Well, thank you. Thank you for responding. Also, thank you for following on Instagram. I saw your work. Wow. You're an incredible photographer. Yeah, nice work. Excellent work. That photo that, the photo that I commented on with the burning carriage. Oh, my goodness. That's an incredible photo. Wow. That's a great photo. I think. Yeah. That is an award worthy photograph. Bravo. Bravo
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Right place, right time, I think. But, yeah, it was fun. I actually haven't done many photo walks again since then. I feel like I've just gotten caught up in the rat race of London. But I'm going to go take a walk now and see if I can get any photos. But, yeah, thank you for following me and thank you for sharing them. I appreciate that. Yeah, I'll follow you on my tattoo page now as well