nicole louw
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I'm back

I have had the most happening to me all at once and time, and it's been quite tough to juggle everything at once between having to move house, having to find a new house to move, to settle all deposits, sign all lease agreements, do all background and financial checks to getting Caitlin ready to go to the UK, which she leaves in less than a month

Don't over think things....yea rite.

Tasha Frank
@NLOFrank · 1:44
And to hear you mention it again, I'm so happy for you in regards to the overthinking. I thought the same thing when you said that I was like, do people like, Is that a thing? I thought it was just human nature for us to just overthink. I remember somebody saying to me once, like, I went through a stage of having a really busy mind. And it's so lovely to get back to normal where I'm not thinking of things all the time
Deborah Pardes
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Welcome back, my friend. Don't overthink it. Just be it just be you so great, so great to hear that you are well, I think you've posted some more things so I will listen and just just welcome back you are you are a beautiful bright light here and I'm happy to hear your voice. Don't think about that too much. By the way, don't stop thinking
nicole louw
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Hahaha I really need to think about what you said 🤣

And so I even responded that and I was like, oh, okay. So is it just as easy as that? Is it just a case of just don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't over think thingsyea rite overthink? Should I exercise? And then I went on the spiral of thinking about how to not overthink. And even now, I'm still thinking about that post
nicole louw
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Definitely something to think about

Thank you, Deb. And literally, as you said that I was like, s***. Have I posted more things? Was it worthy? Is she going to enjoy them? But now I need to go back and check what things like. I will try not to overthink. I mean, I can't promise anything, but I shall give it my best go. I have other things to think about, but thank you
Tasha Frank
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So yeah, if there's anyone in here that has experienced that or figured out a way of kind of quieting the heads down and not overthinking things. And I'd be really interested to hear how that feels and how people have reached that stage. I expect it's a lifelong process of getting to that stage and maintaining it. And I wonder if that's a little bit of kind of Buddhism and enlightenment and stuff like that, which I do kind of dabble in and look to look at
Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 1:34

@NLOFrank My one moment in existence without overthinking

But there was one time just the one when I was meditating, and I think I actually did what you're meant to do when you're meditating, because suddenly I dropped into this zone. I didn't feel situated in my body before body anymore. I felt situated sort of slightly behind the back of my head, onto one side, which is just such a weird thing to feel
Tasha Frank
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@Charlieri that's so interesting

So I'm probably sabotaging myself from being able to feel an experience of that because I'm overthinking it. But that's really interesting. Thank you so much for sharing that. Yeah. I'm just thinking of how that would feel. Yeah. Thank you
Charlie Olivieri
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And then that happened. So I think my brain was just, like, going through the motions and just like, yeah, get this out of the way. Let's do this. And then I can do this other stuff. So I wasn't really, like, thinking about it too much. I guess I wasn't, like, I must meditate now and I must do the thing and clear my mind. I was like, let's squeeze this in
nicole louw
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I'm so lame.

And if I get this done, then I'll be able to do that one. And then it all just becomes very overwhelming. And I know I know in my brain that if I just sit down and I do one thing at a time, it won't be overwhelming. And it'll just be easy to accomplish. But then I started over thinking as to which one takes priority and which one needs to go first, and it just kind of snowballs into this ball of anxiety
nicole louw
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One day

I feel like I feel like if I'm constantly thinking and I'm constantly doing stuff and I have some semblance of control within my life, and if I'm not thinking, if I'm not doing that, do I have that control? And that scares me? It shouldn't. But I think it does. And maybe I should try it. But I have tried meditation once or twice, and I just remember sitting there being like, cool