I'm back.

She has started on the journey of getting us all over there and she has had to make a sacrifice of leaving her daughter behind so that she can do that. I respect her so much for doing this because it is 100% the hardest thing that I think a mother could ever do, is leave her kid for the betterment of her kid. And this has come with a lot of guilt from her. She's constantly, especially on harder days outside, been like, maybe she should come back

A brief catch-up on where I've been

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:12


I know it sounds crazy, but I was just thinking, like, that's the power of these audio journals is like, wow, to know that she's this little person and to know that her family is sacrificing so much to establish a home in England that will be better for her and what that takes from all of you and just the triumph that you're going to have over all odds because this will work out and this will be better. And love conquers all
nicole louw
@Nicole_louw_ · 1:39
We are moving to Puma Langa to a different province so that I can go stay with my mom so that we can allow us to save as much as possible because I'm not going to have to pay rent and stuff like that. We've also just started a fundraiser to try and help raise money for visas. I don't know if I'm allowed to share that on this app, though. You would be able to tell me if I could do as well and add that, but yeah