Has taking photos with film cameras changed my life?

Like, we just we bury ourselves away behind technology and we experience life through a screen versus actually just experiencing the moment. And this simple little process of using a film camera to document specific moments in my life has actually changed how I observe and experience life in such a monumental way. But I'm actually only realizing it right now because I'm so much less self obsessed

Switching from digital cameras to film has inadvertently changed who I am as a person

Deborah Pardes
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And they were like, oh, my God, of course. And they gave me the camera, and I gave it to Larry because Larry's got the eye. He's a photographer. And if those of you want to know Larry, just look up Larry Hirshowitz. He's here on swell. I did a beautiful interview with him, and he had them all gather out of the sun. And he picked up their camera, and it was a regular camera
Caron Post
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Love this, Nicole. It's so articulate and so wonderful to hear your words about what shooting photographs means to you, and especially about being able to be in the present moment. Love hearing it. Thanks
nicole louw
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But I then realized that he was right. Like my photos are beautiful, but they're not beautiful, if that makes sense. And then, like, looking at his work, he always kind of strives to have a mistake. But it's like a mistake on purpose within his images because he loves the contrast between absolute perfection and something ugly. Although he might be shooting the most beautiful person in the world or whatever, there's always just some sort of grittiness to it