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A good guy trying to become better,…everyday. #Preach #Homelitics #Pastor #Talker

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 2:27
"Jesus, that’s annoying."

Are there behaviors, topics, tendencies that you feel are off-putting from religious folk? Let’s talk.

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 3:20
Listen fast, talk slow. Let’s talk…

"A wise person fills their mind before they empty their mouth." How often do you speak too soon?

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 2:40
Video Gaming, let’s talk about it…

What do you think about gaming adults? Do you perceive it as childish? Is your significant other/family/kids gamers?

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 2:23
I’m locked, loaded,…a 45!

Age is not wisdom, but a long simmer gets it done.

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 4:34
Comfort (food), let’s talk…

Traced back to the 70s, we have associated "comfort" with food. Now obesity is a problem. Should we rethink this?

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 1:52
Nail biting, let’s talk…

Are you a nail biter? If not, what are your impressions of those who do? Is this a behavioral misnomer?

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 2:32

What does being RUDE really mean? Is this a catch-all? How is rudeness defined for you?

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 4:16
Feeling famous…

Have you ever experienced celebrity? Do you want to be famous? What are the cost?

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 3:16
Afraid of the LIGHT?…

Heliophobia (n.) - irrational fear of intense light/exposures. We all have DARK spaces, but how do we cope with fear of LIGHT?

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 3:03
"Segue" (A freestyle poem)
Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 4:02
Tiring Talent, let’s talk…

When you perform REALLY well, do you receive greater demand? Does your talent tire you out because of this?

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 2:26
Hubris, let’s talk…

"Continue to learn with humility, not hubris. Hubris is boring." Unbridled confidence, what’s the antidote? Irony? Can one experience humiliation?

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 3:44
Plodding, let’s talk…

"Plodding" is to work slowly & perseveringly at a dull task. What are tasks that you have difficulty ’plodding’? What have you done to reengage?

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 3:31
A Thirty-dollar date, let’s talk…

The art of dating is endangered. And I would argue that we must reintroduce "intimate imagination" to revitalize it. So here’s a proposition, $30?

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 2:44
The Bow and the Arrow,…let’s talk!

Which do you focus on more? Do you prioritize them? #balance #goals #selfcare

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 3:03
What is minor, can be major…let’s talk.

"A flea can cause more problems for a lion than the lion can cause problems for the flea." #meditations #empowerment

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 4:34
A HUMBLE rumble,…let’s talk.

Does humility have a darkside? #InquiringMind #AskSwell

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 4:56
Stonewalling,…let’s talk.

What is "stonewalling"? Can it be abusive? How do you deal with someone who stonewalls? How do you avoid stonewalling? #openmic #askswell

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 4:23
PREP & PRACTICE,…let’s talk.

Quote: "A great pan STILL doesn’t produce a meal." How often do you get stuck on picking the right plan & prepping?

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 3:57
The sky is falling!

What is the ONE message that you would shout to the world for all to hear? Let’s talk. #AskSwell #OpenMic #Reading

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 4:29
Status Quo,…which one do you reject? Let’s talk.

#Confessions #Rants #OpenMic

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 4:43
Can a "wounded" person heal/help? Let’s talk.

#Learning #OpenMic #Philosopy

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 4:46
Fake, Phony, Fraud,…Inquiry into Impostor Syndrome.

Internal emotional & psychological phenomenon which causes a person to fear "being found out/exposed" Where does this begin? #ThinkingOutLoud

Lance Watson
@lwatsonjr · 3:25
Instincts can be incorrect. Can we trust them,…at all?

Consider the idea that #instincts can often be incorrect. Question: Why do we default and rely on them so much? #decisions #discernment