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I'm not a perfect person but I continue learning

Siddhant Sharma
@methlox · 2:57
Every bad guitarist deserves an execution!

A short story by me about me, my guitar and my quite sleepy friend. #sayitonswell

Siddhant Sharma
@methlox · 4:46
Space is here, where are you?

A talk about space startups, Rocketlab, SpaceX, Agnikul and ISRO #sayitonswell

Siddhant Sharma
@methlox · 4:25
The Music of La La Land

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Musical scores and dreams #sayitonswell

Siddhant Sharma
@methlox · 4:45
The answer to the life, universe and everything

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams, 42, The ultimate answer, Deep Thought #sayitonswell

Siddhant Sharma
@methlox · 4:49
Why you should not read Harry Potter

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, Harry's dad, Sirius Snape and Gryffindor 🐍

Siddhant Sharma
@methlox · 4:58
BROCKHAMPTON, group of homies we all wish we had

BROCKHAMPTON, Boy Band, Rapper Group, A musical entity that cannnot be classified into one, Kevin Abstract #sayitonswell

Siddhant Sharma
@methlox · 4:59
Pixies, one of the best bands ever

Pixies, Where is my Mind, Kim Deal and Francis Black and the band's they inspired including Nirvana! #sayitonswell