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The Music of La La Land

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"…Lavaland. How many of you have seen it? Those who haven't? It's a movie who is composed of and Ms. Done. Gorgeous, gorgeous people, gorgeous, gorgeous actors. And it's a story about dreams, changes of their dreams. Van Gosling has a dream of making it big as a jazz player. And Emma Stone has a dream of becoming an actress. So both of them are chasing their dreams.…"

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Musical scores and dreams #sayitonswell


Srishti Sharma

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"…Hey Sedan Lalalalang is one of my favorite movies. It has such a realistic story line. And the soundtrack used in the movie, they are so mesmerizing and so good. In fact, City of Stars is one of my favorite songs. And the soundtrack that you used, the epilogue one, it is so beautiful. And yeah, I keep listening. In fact, when I first watched the movie for like three to four days, I kept listening to this soundtrack on repeat.…"


Siddhant Sharma

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"…Hey Shifty, completely agree with all of your points. Yeah it's a beautiful movie and the score is just awesome. Can't stop listening to it. Glad you enjoyed it.…"


"…Hello Sedan, thank you for sharing this. And I have watched La La LAN before and like you said, it's a feel good movie, so I enjoyed it. But this well cast was like a reminder because it has encouraged me to go watch it again and give some special attention to the music. So I'll do that. Thank you.…"


Siddhant Sharma

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"…Hi. I'm glad it did have fun.…"


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Welcome to Swell!

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"…Hey, Siddhant, thank you, first of all, for giving me information about different bands and different singers and many more. Because I never heard of them, I can never listen to him. So thanks, buddy. Bye.…"

The Music of La La Land

@methlox · 7mo ago · 4:25


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