Siddhant Sharma

@methlox·7mo ago·4:49

Why you should not read Harry Potter

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"…All the chapters are divided, all the books are divided into specific chapters with good topics and specific topics which confide in it could contain and just awesome artwork and imagination of just that JK Rowling dude. Just awesome. Like there are no errors in this books that I can spot, there just aren't any. And Harry is just this cool dude who doesn't say a lot. But listen, it's a very good lesson.…"

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, Harry's dad, Sirius Snape and Gryffindor 🐍


Satyam Tiwari

@satyamtiwari · 7mo ago · 0:05

"…Okay, buddy, I got you why I should not read Harry Potter thank you for this.…"


Paakhi Sharma

@paakhs23 · 7mo ago · 0:11

"…Being unfair to Harry Potter. The very experience of building Harry Potter I wish I could get that part.…"


Siddhant Sharma

@methlox · 7mo ago · 0:03

"…Yes, you're right. Definitely.…"

Shruti Khatri

@Shrutikhatriii · 7mo ago · 0:37

"…I mean, so yes, I just love it and would like to have a conversation on Harry Potter someday.…"


Siddhant Sharma

@methlox · 7mo ago · 0:41

"…Do you remember the part where Peter Parkinson turns from Brad into his original form? Then snap. No, sorry, Professor Lupin. Okay, Professor Lupin was there, and he was like, Hello, Peter. Long time no see. That reminded me of the meme of Spiderman over home, like Doctor October warm hole. And it's like, hold up, Peter. Hello, Peter. That. But I was laughing so bad that name anyway. Yeah, movies do help.…"


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