Siddhant Sharma

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Space is here, where are you?

College Voice India 🇮🇳ScienceStartups

"…He has sort of revolutionized since the entire space industry, since many startups have started coming. Privatization of Space is the next big thing. Everywhere in India. Even there are many startups who are trying to build reusable and affordable journey to space. And they just go more revolutionizing and more big. So let's talk about what's going in the space sector these days. So rocket launch. First up, Space start up in New Zealand these days. They're a small sat launching company.…"

A talk about space startups, Rocketlab, SpaceX, Agnikul and ISRO #sayitonswell


Satyam Tiwari

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"…Buddy amazing content and thank you for providing us such information. Thank you so much.…"


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