Siddhant Sharma

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The answer to the life, universe and everything

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"…Okay, so there's a planet out there. It's not Earth people who live on it, the civilization that lives on it. They are also fed up of the life universe and everything. Like, they won't want to know why they are living, what's the reason for their suffering and everything. They want to know the answer. So one day they just get fed up. And so they hired two of their best faces. They were not faces, they were programmers.…"

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams, 42, The ultimate answer, Deep Thought #sayitonswell


Aakansha Girdhar

@Aakanshagirdhar · 7mo ago · 0:04

"…It was really fun to listen to.…"


Siddhant Sharma

@methlox · 7mo ago · 0:03

"…I know that.…"

Satyam Tiwari

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"…Saddam. That was really amazing listening to this well, man. Great work, buddy. Great work.…"


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