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Introducing myself

Hey, everybody, it's Simon Magumda here. Now you may know me from my shows on the Food Network, like Guys, Grocery Games and Cutthroat Kitchen. Excellent Chef and Beat Bobby Flay. I'm really pleased to be here on Swell. It seems like a great app and a great opportunity to get to know people. So I'm going to be sharing lots of food news and recipe ideas, anything that comes into my head, really? That's about food and food history

Sharing food stories, opinion, news & history

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I'm a big fan of food, which is why I have to start a diet now, but I'll ignore that for your conversations, I'll just be very upset that I can't go have the things that you're talking about
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Inviting some chefs! @tracidj @Loretta @BLUESMOKEBLAIRE @Smalltowntxbbq

And I'm going to do a little link here to her Swell cast and see if she wants to say Hi to you. But we're also excited, and it's the time of our lives right now when I think food is very important, it's a comfort, and it's a pastime, and it's a way of gathering even through Zoom Zoom. So having you here on Swell makes so much sense. It's so wonderful to have you. And here's to breaking bread together
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Excited to hear more!

Hey, Simon, I'm so glad you're on here. I literally got so excited when I saw you on here. I love watching you on Guys grocery games and on Cutthroat Kitchen. And I've rewatched it and rewatched it so many times. And I love your critiques. I think you're great. And I can't wait to hear more from you. Hope you have a great week
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Welcome to swell
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Hey, diamond, welcome to Swell. I am new to it as well. I actually think I joined the same day that you did, but I too, am a huge fan of you from Cutthroat Kitchen, as is my husband, and we'd love watching you on Guys grocery games. I was excited to see that you were judging when you first started appearing. So I'm looking forward to hearing from you as well. And I hope you can give us some fun cooking tips and good recipes
E Blaire


Hey, Simon. Glad that you're here. It's Erica Blair of Blue Smoke. Blair's Barbecue. So excited to finally get to kind of talk to the man who wrote Fed, White and Blue, one of my favorites of all time. Super excited to see what you're going to have and the content that you're going to put out. Welcome, brother