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Eat My Globe - Food History Facts

A fun fact about food inspired by my research for my podcast www.eatmyglobe.com

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Eat My Gkobe - Food History Facts

Fun food history facts I come across while researching episodes of my food history podcast (www.eatmyglobe.com)

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Eat My Globe - Historical Food Fact

Sharing an historical food fact everyday. If you like these do check out my food history podcast (www.eatmyglobe.com)

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What Am I Cooking Today - Thursday 10/15

A dish of quail and watercress with a calvados sauce inspired by meals served on the Titanic

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What am I Cooking Today

Bacon cornbread (for a recipe) and Laal Mas (Indian lamb curry) for lunch

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Eat My Globe - Food History Podcast -The History of Caviar

The latest episode of my food history podcast

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What I am Cooking Tonight

Chicken Thighs in Cider & Tarragon

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Season 5 of Eat My Globe, my food history podcast, launches today.


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What I’m Cooking Today

A regular update of things in my oven or on my stove

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A Brand New Season of my Food History Podcast "Eat My Globe" Coming Soon

www.eatmyglobe.com #foodhistory #podcast

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Introducing myself

Sharing food stories, opinion, news & history