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@AverageJoe · 4:57
We At Least Used To Pretend…

Oh how the times have changed?

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@AverageJoe · 4:00
The Age of Messaging Memes Is Over.

I’m wondering what purpose memes serve anymore.

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@AverageJoe · 4:25
The Conspiracy Drug

How did we get here?

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@AverageJoe · 4:40
The Trifecta - Jim Carrey is Metal AF!
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@AverageJoe · 4:26
And the Oscar for hive mind goes to….Hollywood!
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@AverageJoe · 4:02
And now we circle back.

Will Smith

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@AverageJoe · 3:57
Podcast Recommendation - Bad Bad Thing


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@AverageJoe · 4:13
My Dwindling Era

Life, middle age

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@AverageJoe · 3:35
Long Haulin’ With A Sore Arm.

COVID, Moderna

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@AverageJoe · 3:10
What Has YouTube Drawn You Into?

YouTube, Frag Heads

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@AverageJoe · 4:59
SXSW - Amy Webb

SXSW, Amy Webb, ‘The You Of Things’

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@AverageJoe · 4:41
SXSW Film Review - ‘Clerk’

SXSW, Clerk, Kevin Smith, Malcolm Ingram

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@AverageJoe · 2:29
Amazing New Audio A.I.!


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@AverageJoe · 1:55
Movie Review - Host

Host, Shudder, Horror

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@AverageJoe · 3:22
Late Morning Coffee - Side Parts and Skinny Jeans Blend

Gen Z, Millennials

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@AverageJoe · 4:13
The Lady And The Dale: Elizabeth Carmichael...Trans Hero?

Elizabeth Carmichael, The Lady And The Dale, HBOMax

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@AverageJoe · 5:00
Cantina Karen

Florida, Galaxy’s Edge, Disney, Cantina

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@AverageJoe · 0:59
Rush Limbaugh Has Died.

Rush Limbaugh

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@AverageJoe · 3:29
The Implosion of Trump Plaza and Logic.

Trump Plaza

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@AverageJoe · 2:41
Movie Review - Willy’s Wonderland

Nic Cage, Willy’s Wonderland

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@AverageJoe · 3:07
Movie Review - Judas and The Black Messiah

Judas and The Black Messiah, Fred Hampton, HBOMax

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@AverageJoe · 4:40
Redemption For The Followers of Q?


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@AverageJoe · 4:53
Get Off My Lawn, The Weeknd!!

Super Bowl Halftime

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@AverageJoe · 3:15
Wandavision Prediction Thread