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Average Joe

 · 8mo ago · 4:26
And the Oscar for hive mind goes to….Hollywood!

"…I think if you're going to continue the Oscars and many people are saying it's probably time to pull the plug on them. But if you're going to continue the Oscars, I think we can put to bed all of the political and moral messaging from this crowd after what we witnessed on Sunday night. So what I'm saying is let's just get back to the films, to the art.…"


Sudha Varadarajan

 · 8mo ago · 1:54

"…They have to be because that's where the eyeballs are now. It's in the streaming space. But much of what we actually watch is these wonderful actors and actresses who otherwise don't have a major presence in Hollywood. And so I think it's just a matter of time before they all become inconsequential. Right. Who's going to care about these people anymore? Because if I'm not going to be watching their art and their performances, but I'm really spending time.…"


Arish Ali

 · 8mo ago · 0:34

"…Hey Joe, I fully agree and empathize with your sentiment here. But you have to be careful what you wish for because if people were only allowed to preach what they practice, because that's what really you're asking there. People should live and only message and preach and talk about things that they truly believe in to standards that they actually live up to. So if people are only allowed to preach what they practice, I think the whole of the internet, net and social media would simply fall silent.…"


Shawn Schepps

 · 8mo ago · 5:00

"…Well, Joe, I have to say actors and actresses who are so famous that they get to go to the audience Oscars and get lots of presents and food and you know what? F*** them. I believe you're right. We should get back to the art. I didn't have a TV on Sunday night. My TV broke. And I just really like watching the Oscars because I like what everybody's wearing. I know it's about that, but I don't care.…"


Taylor J

 · 8mo ago · 4:44

"…I don't want to be told how I'm supposed to feel about moral issues by the Oscars when they deliberately cut from the televised broadcast several categories that involve hundreds and hundreds of filmmakers around the world in favor of clips from Marvel movies and of freaking Barry Allen experiencing the speed force that is deeply, deeply problematic to me. And you've had many people from all of these categories saying how heartbroken they were that this happened and look the way that things are trending.…"


Barbara KB

 · 8mo ago · 0:05

"…Yes. You're throwing the baby out with the bath water. Don't do that.…"