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Cool Stories and Life Experiences

Owen Carlson
@Owen · 2:00
favorite weather

i like the fog

Owen Carlson
@Owen · 2:50
How was your day?

this is what my day was, picture is from a different day

Owen Carlson
@Owen · 2:16
Who shapes your surfboards?

Factory shapes or hand shapes?

Owen Carlson
@Owen · 2:36
Fast food debate

favorite fast food?

Owen Carlson
@Owen · 2:28
How I made my salmon tonight

How do you prepare your salmon?

Owen Carlson
@Owen · 5:00
Lets talk about gratitude

What are you grateful for? How does gratitude make you a better person? The pic is of my dog and my friend Ian

Owen Carlson
@Owen · 1:45
How I make tacos

How do you make your tacos?

Owen Carlson
@Owen · 1:47
Funny Tanlines

can anyone beat this tanline?

Owen Carlson
@Owen · 2:30
What is your favorite beach?

I love Leo Carrillo State Beach, good waves there, the picture is almost 5 years old, bunch of my best friends on a classic trip

Owen Carlson
@Owen · 3:21
Scary surfing experience

The story of when I was a kid in huntington beach in some big surf, respond with your stories if you want.