Owen Carlson
@Owen · 1:45

How I make tacos

And yeah, that's what I had for dinner tonight. Pretty standard steak Taco as they come. But yeah, it was really good. And I also really like fish tacos. Like how bit tacos are really good with just like, avocado, lime, maybe beans, maybe not beans. They kind of take away from the taste of fish, but I don't know. I definitely prefer, like, street type tacos over big tacos. So yeah, not a big Taco guy

How do you make your tacos?

Tim Ereneta
@Tim · 1:10

looks good! our family is now vegetarian...

Hey, Ellen, these look really good. We used to make tacos all the time with Carnitas, but recently our family has switched to vegetarian meals. So instead said, our tacos typically now are made with cauliflower and hear me out because you wouldn't think cauliflower is a good Taco filling. You roast it for half an hour, 40 minutes, coat it with oil, chili and cumin, and it comes really tasty and savory. But then it's a little bit dry