Owen Carlson
@Owen · 2:28

How I made my salmon tonight

What I did was today I bought a salmon filet. It was about a little bit less than an inch tall, and I start with the marinade, and I add to the marinade a ton of fresh ginger, grated, a ton of minced garlic, a bit of honey, some concentrated miso paste, little splash oil oil, and then a lot of soy sauce makes that up real good. Sometimes I'll add a bit of Sriracha if I feel like getting a little spicy

How do you prepare your salmon?

Satarupa Mondal
@Satarupa · 0:21
Hey there. Thank you for sharing this lovely salmon recipe because I am on this journey on, you know, eating everything that's good nutrition and wellbalanced, hence, this will definitely be on the my list to try something new. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful recipe