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Welcome to the World of Investing

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, bitcoin, start-ups, baseball cards, art. What do you invest your money in?

phil spade
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Crypto Crash! Market opens lower and coinbase.com is down.


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CPI increases 4.2% but the sky is not falling


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New Jobs Report Disappoints: Why so few jobs added?


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Inflation! It's coming!


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Gig economy stocks take a hit


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Bitcoin's Wild Weekend

Bitcoin crosses 50 day moving average...bearish sign? Or blip?

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Bernie Madoff King of the Ponzi Scheme Dies in Prison

A reminder to us all to be careful when investing.

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Coinbase begins trading on Nasdaq

What does coinbase need to do to warrant today's $100B valuation?

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Zed Run: An NFT game built on Blockchain

An interesting use of digital assets: Https://zed.run/

phil spade
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Mutual Funds: Are they still relevant?

Why would one invest in mutual funds today? Are they outdated?

phil spade
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Archegos explained

What happened with Viacom stock and why it may be important

Bowie Rowan
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What do young people need to know about money & investing?

A question for @Phil & anyone else with a story to share. #money #investing

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GameStop Discussion and Q&A: Ask me anything about what happened this week!

Im here to answer any questions you have on the crazy week of Robinhood GameStop, AMC, etc. No question is bad!