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phil spade
@Phil · 2:51

Zed Run: An NFT game built on Blockchain

I would love to have somebody come on and talk more about this and just see what's the deal? Because this has gotten a lot of talk in the past two weeks, and maybe it's just because I'm into horse racing, but two weeks. For the past two weeks, I've been forwarded this many, many times

An interesting use of digital assets: Https://zed.run/

Indy Rishi Singh
@MysticScientist · 0:38
Does it improve the quality of people's lives from a social, emotional intelligence perspective? What about physical? Does it create safety for people? So yeah, I just wonder, like value and how we value
phil spade
@Phil · 2:24
I don't know how many people are still paying money on Candy Crush, but that entertainment factor, I think, can go a long way. But this one is the gaming aspect of it. With Blockchain is interesting to me and how to make money, how to be buying and selling assets that are able to make you money other than a collectible kind of what is value. You're able to earn money as you go along. And the concept is interesting to me
Ryan Cartier
@Cartier · 4:17

#nft - Can you steal a #digital #racehorse ? https://s.swell.life/SSTk6lQQB

But it also Burns some ether in the process. And the miners are saying, well, there's a massive security risk here, and so is anyone looking at this when they're talking about the horses? So your expert might be able to give you one perspective on packing it. And it might be good to have him also talk about what are the risks if the 2.0 upgrade on proof of stake doesn't go through, well, what's your horse worth then?
Ryan Cartier
@Cartier · 1:44

#digitalracing #horseracing #bets #gambling https://s.swell.life/SSTk9bqarc

The other thing that popped my mind is how do they pay for the winnings? And so I came across two things. One of them is Dark Horse. I believe this is from last year, and people could actually bet on the phone horses. And then when I dug up the Z one, which I'll put the link to below you pay to get into the race. And depending on how much you pay in that's how much the pool is. But it brings up an interesting question
phil spade
@Phil · 4:16

Security gaming and track ownership

And I honestly have no idea who would play or who would wager on that game if it was much like a slot machine. Then again, I don't know how people sit there and play slot machines for hours. So I may be the wrong target market there. Now, a friend of a friend is a guy by the name of Jack Settleman. He's a guy on Snapchat with about a million followers. That's deep into this. He's going to introduce me to him
Ryan Cartier
@Cartier · 1:04

@phil ETH Layer2 ZED horse race https://s.swell.life/SSg1XxkFIq61rNS

And he says, you can actually watch the randomization calculations on the blockchain to proof them. So I'm only about halfway through the entire thing. But immediately when he went on and on about stuff off, I was like, Phil would probably find this interesting. So I'll dump you a link here. You can check it
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

phil spade
@Phil · 1:19
Hey, first of all, thank you so much for thinking of me. I appreciate it. Second, the link is not working. If you could tell me where that's at, I would be very interested in listening to that, because that's just the type of the information that a user could actually have an advantage. If you can start to predict what that randomization is. Now, that might be a short term thing
Ryan Cartier
@Cartier · 3:56

@Phil https://s.swell.life/SSg1ZlpVYNoHOtj Immersion Details from...

But the question that it raises that I'm thinking of is it possible that the computer is more random and unpredictable, whereas in real life it is predictable? That's what your statement made me think of. I think I'm going to ponder that for a bit. It's interesting to me
Ryan Cartier
@Cartier · 0:52

@Phil @KitChellel https://s.swell.life/SSgea9jvspKhZK4

I can't put enough characters in so a person can read to see if they want to listen to things. And I'm not going to go through the article and summarize it again. So anyways, I'll start with the link and if I can squeeze a title and I'll do that as well. Curious what you think of it
Ryan Cartier
@Cartier · 2:34

#Gambling #HorseRacing #Code Bill Benter #algorithm #track

So I think one of the challenges you have particularly given the state of the audio processing technology is the transition from me trying to provide visual text so that people can skim it and see what they want to listen to. Is that transition over to I just talk to it and say, gambler, horse racing, and then it tells me back, do you want to hear this by Bloomberg? Do you want to hear this by Bloomberg?