Yoshi Silverstein
@yoshimatzah · 4:56

Can you plan to surprise yourself? Little moments of joy

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So just in that moment of sort of both excitement and nerves and all of that stuff, we do all the final prep for it. So this thing really hit the spot. And last thing I'll just share on this thread, is there's a Radio Lab episode? Forget the theme of the episode. It's maybe like joy or something or like happiness. And you can look up this episode and you can look up the I think it's on YouTube

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:10

Hide and seek 😛

Hey, Yoshi, I just want to first of all, going backwards here, wish you luck on your live event. It's really weird. After all these months, I got more than a year now to go out there and be in front of people. So you're going to be brilliant. But you're going to be brilliant because you also are in this a delightful space where you give yourself that delicious happy drink. I just had some chocolate and that made me happy