Shane Paul Neil
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How young is too young to get into content creation?

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So part of me does feel like there's a hypocritical aspect to it all, but at the same time for a kid his age to be interested in these things, especially seeing where content creation is going in the future. It seems like it would be kind of foolish to not open these avenues up to them at the same time. So I'm just wondering what you guys think. Is there a chance to you when you get into this?

My seven-year-old wants to podcast and create other media. Is it too soon?

Deborah Pardes
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They sat around my kitchen table once a week, and then we landed up doing a really cool live podcast show, and the focus of the class was about comporting your young voice in the world, like putting yourself out there and having the ownership of your perspective and asking for respect by showing up in your big way, whatever that meant, no matter how, if you were a six or a 13 year old, it was amazing

A bit of a ramble. An exciting endeavour! @shanepaulneil

You know what you want them to learn what you want them to value, and you also want to give them room to flourish and to be who they are, and they also have some autonomy. I suppose in some of this because they are growing into who they are and hopefully it's not as affected by others as a lot of us are today. So this is a great time where you can help them to solidify who they are and who they're growing into being
Shane Paul Neil
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I'd rather wait till he's a little bit older and kind of understands what that means because the other thing I don't want to do is what I call parenting for the Internet, where I think you guys referred to this earlier, the idea of making your kid a commodity in this content machine. I don't want to do that. And yes, there is a lot of that on YouTube and in other spaces
Average Joe
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It's not giving out too much information. You're not seeing the kid and all that kind of stuff. And I think it could be a great learning experience for a kid to try to do a show, to have a show at that age. I think it would be kind of cool. And like you said, he's already got a logo and he wants to have T shirts and all that kind of stuff. We didn't have that kind of opportunity when we were young