Tasha Frank
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What do you think of Emma Watson's dress? And do you care what she wears?

Actually, obviously, it was for the Shop Prize award, so it's all about sustainability and eco friendly. So what actually piqued my interest of this dress was a few things. First of all, it looks really quick, as you'll see in the link. It's got quite an interesting cut. She's pairing it with trousers and it's backlash. So there's a lot of interesting shapes and different materials going on with distress

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Jessica McMillan
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Hybridity at the level of fabric and stereotypes

Hi Tash. Thanks for inviting me to the topic. And I'm a lot like you. I kind of go through trending stories sometimes, and I wonder why something keeps cropping up over and over again. So maybe going straight to your second question, why does everyone talk about what celebrities are wearing? And I noticed that even in the level of language, people will ask on the red carpet, who are you wearing?
Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 3:31
It's making a point that we don't need big designers to make things work on the red carpet. We don't need a new dress every time. That's one thing, actually, that I've seen that, I think makes more sense than something like this is when you see celebrities that repeat outfits and repeat garments as well. So Helena Bonham Carter is famous for this and is always criticized for her sense of dress. Even though I know plenty of people who actually love the way she dresses
Melissa Mccarter
@lissahoop · 4:02

Upcycle and fashion role in society

I know that Angelina Jolie was getting pressed for her daughter wearing her dresses that she's worn on the red carpet before, so that fashion tends to kind of represent certain messages for good or bad that we see in society. And it kind of leaps to the question about why people have interest in fashion. I think on one level they have interest in fashion because it's just an art form. And people it's a visual medium that people have an interest in a similar way that people just enjoy music
Tasha Frank
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It's really funky. As she said that there are lots of different shapes and the way it drapes in different ways, so you can see when you see the other side of the dress. Obviously, the other side is longer. So you get this really kind of like different effect. She's wearing several outfits in one, and it was really fun. And I love the fact that it's recycled. And as I said before, I really hope that more and more people wear recycled clothing
Tasha Frank
@NLOFrank · 4:50


So to go in some things that spin up cycle is a good idea and probably a publicity stunt. You did make an amazing point about saying that. Actually, you know, you can wear things multiple times, and you reference Helen Boncatter, who's one of the very few people I do actually think of when it comes to fashion. I do love Helen Boncatter's style, but you're right. Helen Boncatter has been brought up over the years for recycling clothes
Tasha Frank
@NLOFrank · 4:25


I think when I looked at the article, I was like, Why do we keep being fixated on what people look like? But actually, she said, actually, the dress, the fashion is art and art is to be admired. And somebody has taken all of these materials, these wedding dresses and created this piece for Emma Watson to portray and show and deliberately show off. So kind of brought me back to the other side of it that actually fashion is artwork
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Dominique Davis
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I like her unique style.

And it does a very cool way to present a message because such a way of grabbing someone's attention that maybe wouldn't have otherwise gotten grabbed
Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 0:52

@NLOFrank She's in the news again, and guess what for 🙃

And people are losing their s*** over it. And she wore this while interviewing Al Gore for this climate thing. And it's just so stupid. And nothing, of course, nothing is mentioned about the content of the interview. Anything like that. It's just that she's wearing a teeny, tiny crop top. And that's what she's in the news for
Tasha Frank
@NLOFrank · 2:13


And she very much has over the years picked pieces that people would or have committed that she's breaking gender stereotypes at one point when she had all of her hair cut short and she's had undercuts and stuff before, and that always gets raised with a little bit of an eyebrow. I think Charlie mentioned earlier on in this post that Emma Watson she's idolized for a look. She always has been. And I think people see her as a very feminine icon
Tasha Frank
@NLOFrank · 2:28


And there was like, very little on what she was actually talking about because it was just a really long winded description of what she was wearing and whether or not she's cut her hair. And I was just like, she puts a lot of effort into some of these events into speaking out about sometimes really difficult and deep topics around, like equality for women and period property and stuff. And then all people are taking from it is that you are crop top or something like that