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The Strangest Gift You Ever Got?!?!

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I had never heard of this. And I was sent home with a gift bag and it wasn't my birthday and it wasn't a holiday. But here I was skipping home with a bag of some sort of gift inside of it. And it was altogether exciting. But it was kind of weirded out by the whole thing. I mean, what if I was carrying home a bomb or anthrax or some sort? I don't know. Needless to say, the gift was really strange

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Jessica McMillan
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One year as a teenager gave me a really beautiful, like, amazing leather coat and it was really buttery. But I've been a vegetarian for, like, 25 years, and he said that it was made from lamb and I started crying so that didn't go over too well. I tried to kind of keep it and wear it, but it just ended up breaking my heart, and I think he found a way to repurpose it
Deborah Pardes
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And I think I might still have it somewhere. But I remember it didn't like the color. It didn't like the style, and I put it on, and I never looked more disgusting. The color was just pulled out all the bad colors of my skin, and it just didn't look good on my body at all. And I was just like, wow, and I don't have a big gift giving culture that I live inside of. So I don't get gifts that much
Paul OMahony
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The gift I got wasn’t welcomed

He had decided microwaves were good for everybody. So he decided he would buy a lot of people a microwave each. And here I am now thinking, I'd like someone to give me a gift of an air fryer. Yeah. I'd like to have an air fryer for Christmas, please. Much more so than I'd like to have a microwave. And there's a debate going on. Well, I'm trying to avoid buying a microwave. Just my daughter would like one
Sontaia Briggs
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Not so strange but definitely a cheap gift! @MrsClaus

And that's how long ago this was because DVDs were in play to a movie that I like. Of course, it was one of my favorite movies, but it was like a DVD. The gift that I received at the little festive holiday party was actually better than the gift the person I was actually with gave me. It was in May for a strange night and that's it have a great day
Dewuan .
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It’s dark and hell is hot.. again..again, and again.

The strangest gift I have ever received. Well, this calls for my birthday as well as Christmas. I think I was in 8th grade at this time in middle school and a girl I was dating Dewuan at the time she had bought me DMX CD. It's Dark and Hellas Hot, his second album. She knew I was a big fan. And I had already received the gift the same CD before. And I think for Christmas, another person had gave me the CDs
Mrs. Claus
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Oh, my stars. A lamb coat. Are you sure he wasn't having the pot so you could do a lamb stew later? I don't know. Some people do the funniest things, but it was actually the thought. Thought they counted right. Oh, I know. It's terrible. Sometimes Santa drops off the funniest things. I mean, they don't think it's funny. I find it quite humorous. But anyhow chocolate when you're a diabetic
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This year I would suggest being specific, or at least give some ideas of specificity, if that's a word. In any case, this year is going to be filled with lots of love. I think that has been the biggest request on all the little letters I've been getting is love. We like love and face to face friendships. So put that jacket on and go see your friends. That's what would suggest
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