L.A. Randle

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Welcome to Rise and Grind- Where mental health become first priority.

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"…As a side passion, I've studied holistic medicine and food as medicine for almost 15 years, and I continue to make it a part of my personal practice. But here's the thing. Chasing personal success made me realize one thing it will never happen the way it was truly meant to happen. If your mental health isn't functioning at its best, great mental health equals real success. My ultimate goal is to help others heal where there is pain. I was born to be a health.…"

Introduction to the Rise anf Grind Show with L.A. Randle. #mentalwellness #spiritualwellness #physicalwellness


Yaryna Kozak

@yarynakozak · 2mo ago · 0:05

"…I'm so excited about your project. I hope it goes well.…"


Mtwadamela Ijogo

@Mtwadamela · 2mo ago · 2:14

"…Well, thank you for the invite. It's a good topic. It's a really good topic. You know, I've seen so many I remember in 2008 when the economy and all that s*** at the time, I had a girlfriend who was working in the mental health field and it was like one of those county county clinics where the purpose of the clinic was to be a safeguard for those individuals who had mental health problems and who are also homeless.…"


L.A. Randle

@larandle · 2mo ago · 0:13

"…Thank you for sending so much light my way. I'm excited as well. I think it's going to be one h*** of a ride. I do. And I hope that you take that ride with me. See you soon.…"


L.A. Randle

@larandle · 2mo ago · 1:21

"…And one of the things I will be speaking on in the future is the importance of taking your mental health into your hands, how to do it and where to begin, as well as how to use the medical system to your advantage to get ahead in the health of your mental health.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2mo ago · 0:50

"…We have to feel good in expressing some of the complexities of being human and knowing that mental health is a priority just like everything else that we seem to be asked to consider in our day. Like you got to check that box. How am I feeling, how am I doing, who have I connected with? And all that stuff is just part of the daily rising grind, as you say. So I am really looking forward to it. Thanks for being here.…"


L.A. Randle

@larandle · 2mo ago · 0:46

"…And that's just where it is and where it should be. Right. Glad you're here as well. You stick around.…"


Joshua Manoi

@joshuamanoi · 2mo ago · 1:08

"…Hi, I'm Mica. I would like the topic where maintain has become festival already? I'm confidential with the topic of coach nutrition awareness for 20 hours is first, but already fairly headed. You talk about chasing passing soldiers made me realize one thing it never happened the way it trolling meant to happen. It's a powerful motivation and it controls lives of many occupations. Dead kids for allergy and resources. It influences relationship status and families. Becomes a passion that can contact. We can check later.…"


Lisa Johnson

@Blondie · 2mo ago · 0:09

"…Hi. Thanks for sharing. Really looking forward to following your journey and hoping that, you know, it will help me through mine.…"


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