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L.A. Randle
@larandle · 4:21
You Are Not Responsible For Other People’s Happiness

Wanting happiness for other’s will drain you of your own happiness. (Sorry gor the mic loudness) #relationships #mentalhealth

L.A. Randle
@larandle · 4:11
Happiness is a Choice

I woke up oneday and realized that living in a state of unhappiness was a choice. #mentalhealth #wellness #selflove #selfhate

L.A. Randle
@larandle · 4:33
Not the end all be all, But the perfect place to start.

Where do we begin when it comes to caring for our brains? #mentalhealth #health #lifestyle

L.A. Randle
@larandle · 3:21
Welcome to Rise and Grind- Where mental health become first priority.

Introduction to the Rise anf Grind Show with L.A. Randle. #mentalwellness #spiritualwellness #physicalwellness

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