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Karan Dev

 · 2yr ago · 0:59

Does the content you consume affect your personality?

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"…And I know the answer to this might be quite straightforward, but I think it can bring out some interesting perspectives on a deeper level if you think about it. So as the famous scene goes, you are the food which you eat. But does this also apply to content as well or in other does? Does does the content you consume affect personality.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2yr ago · 2:40

A constant awareness of imprinting

"…Similarly, if I listen to something gorgeous, whether it's someone speaking or some music or even consume live content with another human, it makes me experience my life through what I just consumed. So I think it's absolutely interesting to think about these concentrated years of binging and how that has imprinted on our souls and on our personalities. And it brings me great pause in a moment right now thinking, I don't want to be too careful and too weird because I love to be experimental.…"


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2yr ago · 4:50

Great question.. many answers.

"…I have no criminal offenses, but I still enjoy the music. So I guess it's certain levels of relation here. And to transfer this into your question, I think inherently there is influence there, which is why you went about consuming said content. But I guess this can get to a slippery slope when, let's say, for instance, I'm into serial killers and stuff like that, which I am. I'm into criminal and criminology and all that sort of stuff.…"


Tim Ereneta

@Tim · 2yr ago · 2:21

content forms and reinforces our worldview

"…So that being said, yes, I believe that the content we consume does affect our worldview and how we interact with the world. I would say that in the United States, people tend to think there's a lot more violent crime in the community than there. Statistically is partly because the media landscape reflects it back to them, both on the television news and in the fictional stories we consume. And it's why I make it a point to seek out authors with different perspectives from different backgrounds.…"


Shahnaz Ahmed

@bookishpodcast · 2yr ago · 4:00

Yes! Yes! and did I say Yes!

"…So even if you're like, say, on Swell or, like, on clubhouse or wherever you are Instagram, Facebook, you look at things and I go through it. And I'm kind of like, okay, do I want to engage in this content? Do I even want to consume this content, or am I going to scroll right by it? Because I am very aware of this influence.…"


Zarir Marfatia

@Zarir · 2yr ago · 1:24

Content reflects in our personality & vice versa

"…I think the content that you consume definitely affect your personality and more ways that you're aware of. Of course, there's the obvious one in terms of your interest at the time. So, for example, when I was extremely passionate about football, I used to consume all sorts of football related content with long form and short form and also walking talking encyclopedia on the subject.…"


Aijaz Nakhuda

@aijazn · 2yr ago · 1:29

Calculated Opt In to Content

"…When you watch a disturbing documentary on serial killers, your thoughts tend to wander on the dark side of human nature, which is why I believe it is very important to check yourself before you consume any content and actually ask yourself, what do I want out of this experience? I remember the first time watching Borat and I found the movie very disturbing. Then I went back and I read about his intent for making these films and the dark comic approach he was using to drive a deeper message.…"


suswa thinnapriyan

@sundaresan · 2yr ago · 1:13

"…The content varies from the book you read, this things that you see, the things that you see might get captured and probably get stored. Probably the runtime would be like two to three days. That's said, but the books you read would store permanently until you die. So read more books. That's my thought. I may be wrong. Thank you.…"

Benedict Garrett

@Bendi_G · 11mo ago · 4:59

"…And I'm trying to learn more and more about Indian politics. Maybe somebody can help me, maybe you know a bit about Indian politics and sort of teach me a little bit more. But it's about politics at the moment. The situation post Brexit in the UK, really it's been frustrating me for years and years. And Boris Johnson, thank goodness he's now resigning.…"

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