CAR TROUBLES : How much should we know ?

But I do think over the years I've been screwed by mechanics because they can, because I know very little about what they're talking about. And it makes me think about what does it mean to be empowered by knowledge, especially things like a car. When you have a certain amount of knowledge, you're not going to get screwed because you're going to ask the right questions and they're going to see that you're smart

I do like wearing those Mechanic overalls 😊

Adam E.L. Anthony
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And there was a certain time when I was naive and just went with whatever somebody said because I placed trust in the fact that if you are a mechanic or you are an expert to work on this vehicle, you're going to have my best interest. However, no, they have a bottom line interest. They have a business interest, and there's no illwill with it
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Now they charge one and a half times labor for that. But the part, it's in an expensive part, but it's an older car. You don't need a new part for it. You can go get a used one and then have the mechanic put that in it's. Overall cheaper. Just a few tricks and tips that I've found just owning a bunch of older cars
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Momma Stac
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So I try to stay in the house and just keep taking him Diet Mountain Dews out into the garage. So good luck with your car. I hope it's nothing big. I hope it's something easy and cheap and fixable, and you can hopefully maybe find somebody that can you, too, but like my husband does and fixes it. It's amazing. But, yeah, I'm one of those people that just scream at the top of the roof in my car if something goes wrong
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 4:52
So anyway, every time I go to the service center for my vehicle and I have just, since my last experience, have found someone who has, like, a backyard mechanic shop, he's homegrown, still educated and experienced, but he has his own homegrown shop with the same materials and tools and resources that the service center has for the brand of my vehicle. And give an example, they were trying to charge me $2,100 to have brakes and rotors fixed
Deborah Pardes
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So there's a thing going on which will take more time. It's just interesting because it was fixed and now it's broken again, which is what I think it was. One of you were saying that one little thing can lead to a lot of things, but the bigger conversation here is I want to support the individual worker more than I want to go to some chain
Mabel Peralta
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Hello. So, as someone that is in the automotive industry and sold cars for many years, something I always told my customers, whether they bought a new or used car for me is I would talk about the basics, things that you need to look out for and what to do if something were to break down or was malfunctioning. Well, it is true there are a lot of individuals out there, and dealerships, sometimes they're called steelerships for a reason
Deborah Pardes
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Hey, Mabel, it's really good to hear you speak with confidence and with a certain amount of nurturing of all of us who are kind of in this situation where things come up, and it usually is an urgent situation. So, for instance, my tire light went on. I went to get my tires filled up. A week went by, my tire lights on again. I have a jet at 2000 and 616
Mabel Peralta
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They're great. But yeah, I definitely will be doing a few soulcasts in regards to cars maintenance. What to look out for if you are buying a car right now because things are crazy and the last thing I want is for anyone to pay too much or get taken advantage of. But as far as the air thing, it could be a slow leak. Maybe you have a nail somewhere. But if it's all four tires, it's probably just the weather