Deborah Pardes
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What’s Your Reset? #AskSwell

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Anyway very little thing. It's like to stop in the day just to be so wanted to share with you. When's the last time you had this moment? Excuse me? When you just stopped during the day and did something completely different? What's your reset?

Carwash makes me think….

Deborah Pardes
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I wish I had my speaker on my phone as opposed to the speaker in the car. So forgive the audio. Wasn't that great? But still is the question what is your reset? When your day is going and you want to stop and have a break, what do you do?


They get very active, and sometimes they even go from tree to tree, which is really fun because then I just stand there in awe of their hard work and dedication. But anyways, I just wanted to share this beautiful tree that's in our backyard that I get to enjoy on regular basis
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Cheyonia Wade
@Chey · 1:41
Sometimes I have to force a nap so that whether it's a couple of minutes or a long time, but it just allows you it allows me to stop and regroup. And when I get up, I don't get up with the I got to get this done. I have to get that done. I get up with, wow, okay, that felt good. Maybe I don't have to get all that done at one time
Brian Foreman
@BKFOREMAN69 · 1:53
You? That's a great question for me. You know, living on my little 18 acres, my reset is walking to the back pardes that has never been a garden that I've recently tilled and will be ready for spring it and just kind of imagining the what if. And then also, I have an affirmation journal where I have my three chosen ones, but the author of the book or the journal has a list of other affirmations
Treypøp Duce

#Myresitis taking walks writing and just sitting in the quiet you know hearing my thoughts not tripping off too much you know , #Hashtags

Sometimes I just turn off everything in the house or sometimes the TV just turn off by itself because I got it set like that to where it just be me sitting in the quiet, you know, I like to sometimes hear my thoughts, hear me think. That's my reset in the middle of the day. Have a nice one, and thanks for the invite. Bye
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