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Show & Tell here on Swell!

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"…This weekend I had a gathering and I did another show and tell for adults. And then we ate food and danced. But the show and tell part was so exquisite this time around. I've been doing this for over 15 years where people come and they bring a little object and they talk about it for two minutes and really cool stuff came up. People's baseballs people had poems that they remembered. People had little keepsakes from traveling.…"

That rhymed! Have fun! Take a snap of an object- post it in your reply along with a few comments about why it’s special to you!


Deborah Pardes

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"…Oh, and here s the challenge. You gotta keep this under two minutes. Just so happens that we can time here on Swell makes it much easier. So looking forward to seeing your objects and hearing your stories. Thanks.…"

Keep it under two minutes 😝

Ro Christensen

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"…And I like the idea that paper clips, when they're in their little box, they can unlink and link. And these are soldered together, and they have been for about two years. And I love it. And it reminds me of the love I have for that person and the way that it acts like paper clips, too. And sometimes it's a love that's it's together, and sometimes it's a lot apart.…"



Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Sudha Varadarajan

@sudha · 3w ago · 1:14

"…The young continue to shoulder the old, I guess is what I take from it. And I just think that it goes a long way to show how people also have to perhaps go back to some of the old and the cultural knowledge forms of where the young take better care of their old. But it's a fascinating plant, and I just want to share it's.…"

The young shoulder the old


Eluchianna Olive

@Luchianna · 3w ago · 2:01

"…I have had this ring, and it's a part of my soul. It's who I it really not defines me, but it just shows me the love that my father had that he bought for me. And I will forever cherish this when I'm dead and gone. Hopefully they will pass it on to my grandchildren. But yes, this ring my birthstone.…"


Georgie Dee

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"…And I didn't have that in my life. And he brought all of this energy to me all the time. And he would give me gifts. And one of the gifts that they gave me was this beautiful Chinese jewelry box that has a song when you wind it up satin lined. And it was all about the feminine, putting beautiful jewelry in it and celebrating yourself as a girl. I think I was about seven years old at the time. And another time he gave me a beautiful necklace.…"



Tim Ereneta

@Tim · 2w ago · 2:02

"…My first troll, Floyd, has been lost to history actually lost to an eviction notice when I was out of town and he got dumpstered somewhere. But I did manage to rescue Wanda June and Horatio, her brother. They live in my basement now with another unnamed troll whose name has been lost to history.…"

say hello to Wanda June, who lives in the dark recesses of my basement #papermache


john Bailey

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"…Hey, Deborah. It's over. John here at Michigan Pathways. So I remember doing this exercise when I was in high school. We literally had an object. It was in our speech class. And we had to have it every Friday. So every Friday we'd bring in had to bring in something different and something of different all walks of life. We couldn't have the same kind of field effect, if you will.…"

Shawn Schepps

@Shawn_Christy · 2w ago · 2:53

"…But then I felt like I needed some power and to center myself, so I put the ring on, and I loved it. My grandfather, like I said, he was a jeweler also. A fisherman is a hobby. And he used to go fishing with his three brothers every Saturday. He went fishing with his three brothers one Saturday, and the boat sunk. They actually wrote a book about it.…"

My grandparent's ring.


J.L. Beasley

@Her_Sisu · 2w ago · 1:28

"…Do this well later, get to work on time and safely. And I'm laughing because I finally searched my car once. I remember to come back to this, and my purple bear was in the trunk. And so what's significant about this bear is that I received it right when I was going off to college. And my first car was a Dodge Neon, this bear. And I kind of scoffed at it when my mom had given it to me.…"

My car companion


"…And I knew that every time I would reach for kleenex, then I would see those colors and I would become angry. And that was something I didn't want to happen. So I will spend the extra dollars necessary to get colors that are conducive to what exactly, I don't know. But I'm starting to realize that perhaps choosing the color of nail polish, I do to replace it the next time, I always have to do it by emotion.…"



Danny Moynahan

@dannymoynahan · 2w ago · 2:04

"…Hi, Deborah. I'm very happy to share with you a picture of my piano tuning hammer which is what I use to tune pianos and it's representative of a new path I'm I started on a few months back of learning to tune and regulate pianos. It's been an exciting journey and enlightening and at times, daunting daunting because I'm having to learn to listen in a very different way than I've been used to listening and perceiving music.…"


Chelsea Hanawalt

@allowthesun · 2w ago · 1:39

"…Yes. John Tell thanks for starting this. Deborah I love this activity. And I've done this in some group work, drama work. So this is really excited to do it here on Spot. So I have a picture of specifically a little like princess voodoo doll. It was a gift from a dear friend and it was during a time in my life, in the early twenty s, I got a job working for a company called Magic Princess.…"

Magic Princess Parties


London Reads

@Londonreads · 2w ago · 2:05

"…So, yes, this is my wizard of oz necklace. I'm totally obsessed. I washed a marathon to this day. I got a magazine about behind the scenes. I got different. I have, like, how many? Five glasses that have different characters on it. I have a tattoo of Dorothy on my thigh. It's insane. And I feel like as I grew up, Washington wizard of Oz, I realized there was deep meaning in the whole story.…"


Taylor J

@Taylor · 1w ago · 1:53

"…So, yeah, these are two of my most important possessions.…"


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