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What is your favorite movie of 2020?

And in case you're curious, my favorite film of 2020 is The Five Bloods. I'm going to be talking about that one on the show quite a bit. The Spike Lee film that came out June on Netflix. It really strewed me off my feet. I'm not going to lie. It has everything I love in a movie, from the sort of swashbuckling adventure to these incredible performances and drama between the characters

Has to be a movie that came out this year! 😊

Deborah Pardes
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Nomadland 🍿

Excuse the car that just drove in front of my house. And I loved it because it was of our times. You know, it really pulled out these human stories of people's craving for freedom, but also for connection. And there's a sadness to the tone, obviously. But it's such a beautiful film. So Nomadland starring Francis MC dormant
Cinemaholics Podcast
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Da 5 Bloods

I'm so sorry. Yes, I'm outside. So my microphone is a little uneven, but the film is called The Five Blood, and I also put in the description of this reply just in case
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Welcome to Swell!

Mtwadamela Ijogo
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Okay. I had to really put my little thinking cap on for this one. The one movie I guess I could say that really stood out for me this year. A couple of movies for a couple of reasons. But the one that stood out the most that I had more of a bias towards was Mulan. And I really liked the story. I liked how the live version was deeper than the animated version, and the martial arts sequences were amazing
Taylor J
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Soul and the Invisible Man

I have to be honest, I thought that this year was a Stinger for obvious reasons, but there were two films that I really enjoyed. One is Soul, and I think that's sort of an easy answer for a lot of people. I felt like it was a really creative, fresh bit of content. I feel like we live in a time when there's so little original content that anytime I get some, it's like kids in a candy store almost
Tim Ereneta
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Love this conversation! Taking notes!

I love topics like this because I didn't see very many movies this year, but now I have the excuse to write these all down. I really want to see The Five Bloods. I really want to see Nomad Land. I'm going to add it to my list along with I'm thinking of ending things. Never, rarely, sometimes, always. First. Cow Menari. Tenet. The last list goes on and on. So I'm so glad people are adding in their favorites
Tim Ereneta
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American Utopia... and... Emma.

There were two films in 2020 that made me deliriously happy. The first was Spike Lee's, David Byrne's, American Utopia. So it's up for argument over who's the genius there? David Good Burn or Spike Lee. But it's an amazing concert film. The second, I loved Autumn De Wilde's, Emma. I thought she brought Jane Austen's story to life in a delightful way
Aces Of Fun
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Sound of Metal #film #2020 #RizAdmed #OliviaCooke #deaf #music

I mean, if it was up to me, I would want this movie to win best picture for the coming year. Most likely it probably won't. If it does, I will be doing imaginary cartwheels in my head. But even if it does end up being where it only wins best supporting actor or even best sound, then I'll still be happy for the recognition. It's no different than when I saw Room