Sophia Pires
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College dinner ideas?

Hi, swell. My boyfriend and I Cook dinner a few times a week. We're College students, and we Cook dinner a few Pires a week. And we kind of always struggle with what we're going to make. We usually try and focus on a protein, a vegetable and a starch or a carb to keep it well rounded and trying to stay in a little budget, too, because we're in College

We made this ramen last week!

Tim Ereneta
@Tim · 1:03

Potato hash is easy

So my idea for a ridiculously simple and relatively quick dinner is potato hash. You need two potatoes, a Bell pepper of any color, half an onion or a quarter of an onion, and that's it. Dice them up. Fry them in a pan. If you have bacon, you can serve with bacon. Oh, and then serve with fried eggs so that's your protein and a lot of recipes say you should microwave the potatoes first. You don't have to
Taylor J
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And if you take a little bit of time to research, you'll find some really great recipes that really require almost no effort at all. I because you're just dumping it into the pot and letting it simmer all day. So definitely, if you don't have one, grab an instant pot
Loryn Dager-Gordon
@lustyloryn · 1:16
I pretty much lived on Quinoa salad, mostly because quinoa has enough protein in it that you don't need to buy meat necessarily. But one thing I would suggest is that chicken size are cheaper than like chicken breast. And if you're shopping at Trader Joe's, I would probably not buy my meat. There gets pretty expensive, although we do really like the native meats. They have a chicken shawarma dish, and they also have a Poyo Sato premarinated meat