Marveling at Pinterest!

But somebody actually sat down, made all of this and then decided to make it public, decided to put it out there for everyone to use. And oh, my God, the potential that a small app like Pinterest has. I wasn't aware of this app. I used to download it and uninstall it and then install it and then uninstall it until I went to art school. But I realized the amount of inspiration that this app can give
Theertha Panachoor
@theertha · 1:01
And it's such a wonderful platform for new artists to put out their work and to display their talent to the world for the people to see. It's just so personalized and has such a variety of topics you can explore. And, yeah, it just makes me feel so happy. And there's so much potential on there. And it needs to be more talked about because I think the Pinterest, the app has died down slowly. It's slowly dying
Parmi Savla
@Whimsicalpastry · 2:06
Hi. It actually hurts me a lot to know that, you know, Pinterest is dying down day by day, because trust me, it is such an important platform for me. At least it is my guilty pleasure. Like you said, same, it is my guilty pleasure. And from time to time, it is that motivational boost that I need in my life. And I look at so many beautiful posts and people doing something with their life and such aesthetic vibes that the app gives me