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Should Brands Succumb to Activism

There were a lot of jokes cracked around a lot of people questioning about mental health decision and so on. Many experts also did feel that it's high time brand should stop succumbing to bullying and take a stand. One of the brand consultant Nicole Narrator, who is the creative director of Google. We also posted on his link in saying that if brands begin catering to the whims of every individual, running a business might become next to impossible

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Trying to think... thinking out loud 🤔

Hey, thank you for posting this. I have not been following this too much, but I know the gist of it, and your swell really, really helped me see more about this. So I think about the Swastika, and it's a horrific symbol to most people who understand history in the 20th century

Costs: short term vs long.

So regardless of what the brand thinks about the logo itself, or if it's a different situation, you sort of have to make those adjustments anyway, if you want to continue making money, I think also that in going ahead and changing the logo, you sort of earn some respect where you earn some appreciation from your customers, that you heard what the activists had to say. You saw what they were pointing out, and you decided that you wanted to change this
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Sreeja V
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And it was only after she sent them a legal notice that they actually sat up and took notice of this. But they have made the change. And I would say yes. Sometimes brands do need to kind of keep their ear to the ground and pay heed to some sentiments. And considering that this is not a major change in their logo, the logo, as such is intact, and it's just one element that has gone out of it
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Power to the people.

Yeah, the change of this logo doesn't seem all that drastic, but I kind of thought in the back of my head, my Devil's advocate head were were they just getting trolled old? Could a Fort Chan or Reddit have noticed the logo somehow and got enough people to talk about it to where they changed it? Although that doesn't seem like the case from what I've heard in the comments to this as well