David Hochman
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What are your freelance resolutions for 2021???

Happy 2021. Everybody. I know it has been a hellish year, 2020, but let's books forward to 2021. I'd love you to give us one writing goal or freelance goal for the year ahead. Yeah

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Deborah Pardes
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So I'd like to open up myself to reading, more work from friends that I know, people from Upod, people from people I meet on Swell just to get more part of a community around the experience of reading and giving feedback. So that's kind of a healthy kind of meta resolution that I have since we're talking about. It really open to reading people's stuff, because it's pretty personal and pretty amazing to be at the ground floor of something
Shahnaz Ahmed
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So that's kind of why I'm pushing this thing at the end of the year, because I have a couple of books that are getting released, I guess, second week of January. So I want to finish those before they come out and do the review. So just a lot of those kind of things. I have no freelancing and all. I don't have any kind of employment in writing for anybody