Tim Ereneta

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Sing Song Saturday August 29 edition

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"…Well, hey there, folks. It's time for another edition of Sing Song Saturday. Here are the rules. If it's Saturday, you sing anything. Let's hear from you.…"

#sing #SingSongSaturday what will you sing this week? 🎵


Georgie Dee

@GeorgieDee · 2yr ago · 3:44

"…Words are flowing out like in this ring into a paper cup they slither while they pass they slither way across other swellyverse pools sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my open mind pursuffing and caressing me Jagger Nothing gonna change my world Nothing's gonna change my world Nothing's gonna change nothing's gonna change across the swelly verse ought me under like a wrestled wind inside a letter box they tumble blindly as they make their Ray across the Sun Nothing's going to change my world Nothing's going to change my world Nothing's going to change my world Sounds of lost the shades of life are ringing through my open ears inciting and inviting me love which shines around me like a million times It calls me on and on across the square Even nothing's gonna change my Ward Nothing's gonna change my world yeah nothing's gonna change my world Tim Ereneta everybody and little old me Georgie D Across the swelly verse.…"

@Tim @RayRenati @AskMarkWard @SeekingPlumb @Kevin @Jenafer @AbeMartinez


Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 2yr ago · 0:10

"…Glory be to the Divine Master for this interpretation. Thanks. Nice to hear it.…"

Great! @Tim @GeorgieDee


Georgie Dee

@GeorgieDee · 2yr ago · 0:16

"…Hey, Zach, every time I try to tag you bloody app won't let me tag you. Same with a few other people. So apologies. I knew you would be on the Singsong Saturday trail.…"

@dzakyem oh now it TAGS!


Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 2yr ago · 2:12

"…Man is born over one man hath born water short time to live and is full of me deeply as it were a shadow. And I continue Earth in your love.…"

Reminiscence: Purcell https://youtu.be/p4iM_fz


Unity Eagle

@UnityEagle · 2yr ago · 1:25

"…Okay. Before you gonna listen, we want for severe air damage.…"

Let’s get out of my comfort zone ⚠️ @GeorgieDee @Allowistic @Tim


Tales From The Truck

@ColinFlynn · 2yr ago · 0:34

"…I wear my pink pajamas in the summer when it's hot I wear my wool and nights in the winter when it's hot and sometimes in the springtime and sometimes in the fall I chose jump right in between the sheets with nothing on at all glory, glory, Hallelujah, glory, glory what's it to you all other breeze is blowing through with nothing on at all it's.…"



Meranda Troutt

@MerTroutt · 2yr ago · 0:07

"…Yeah. I don't feel like being personally responsible for all you people becoming deaf. So we're good. There.…"


Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 2yr ago · 0:46

"…Silvia, that was nice. Yes, it's probably a traditional song. Is it for children? And yes, tell me, is it traditional, additional or just of the old days, possibly the 70s. I know a song by Joe Dasa, which was also singing and so on. I don't know if you know it possibly you do see you're.…"

traditional?... @UnityEagle


Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 2yr ago · 0:08

"…Hello, Colin. Yes, that's funny. Thank you.…"

@ColinFlynn Yeeesss!


Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 2yr ago · 0:58

"…Hello, Mayor Trout. Trout in German, and heutwich means his. He trusts himself. So do trust yourself. We're looking forward to it. And my song was too serious. I hope it wasn't the song which or the trial that frightened you to try and sing beautifully. I did too much of a trial in that direction. So relax. I think the ambience is rather cool and relaxed, extent humorous. So make us laugh. Bye.…"

@MerTroutt Trust yourself! For fun... Come on!


Abraham Martinez

@AbeMartinez · 2yr ago · 0:35


Unity Eagle

@UnityEagle · 2yr ago · 0:09

"…Well, Zach, it? S both. It? S a traditional song for children, but it also is back from the old days.…"

@dzakyem it’s both

Mark Ward

@AskMarkWard · 2yr ago · 0:34

"…Once upon a time the world was sweeter than we knew everything was ours, how happy we we were then but somehow Once upon a time never comes again.…"


Ray Garraud

@RookieRunnerPod · 2yr ago · 0:31

"…I am I Don Quixote, the Lord of La Mancha, destroyer of evil. Am I? I will March to the sound of the trumpets of glory forever. To conquer or die. Hear me, Heathens and Wizards and serpents of sin, or your dastardly doings all past for a Holy endeavor is now to begin. And virtue shall triumph at last.…"

I am I, Don Quixote, the lord of La Mancha...


Ray Renati

@RayRenati · 2yr ago · 0:34

"…I'm sitting in my hot tub totally, but naked. I'm looking at the smoke in the air and I can't take a cuz. I don't smoke in and I want to go back to the land of the free and clean air. Thank you very much. I'll be rolling it's.…"

The Smokey Bear Blues. @Tim @Rayga @UnityEagle @


Annie Chyrful

@azychyr · 2yr ago · 2:32

"…My love has come alone life is like a fall a dream that I.…"


Abraham Martinez

@AbeMartinez · 2yr ago · 0:33


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