Positive mindset techniques can help you face those challenges in a lot more optimistic way, being able to recover and let go and live more positive and optimistically. I look forward to connecting with you all here on Swell, but also want to let you know I'll be dropping my first podcast by the end of this month called Talking with Teresa, and you can find that on just about any platform by searching Talking with Teresa. Thank you for listening and connect soon

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Doc Twisted
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You super excited about your podcast. I love your positivity and what you bring to our human experience in this thing we call life. God bless you on your journey. I look forward to hearing from you more. This is Doc Twisted at WTF Podcast, one on all your podcast hosting platforms. Stay twisted, my friend. Bye
Ray Garraud
@RunCoachRay · 0:25
Hi Teresa, great to hear you and I'm really excited that you're starting your WTFPodcast journey. Should be very interesting. It's a topic that I think a lot of people will get value out of, including myself. How to live more optimistically and positively is always a good topic to dig into and definitely looking forward to it. Hope your day is going well