Hello swell Casters. I have been under the weather for about a month and a half. It seemed like as soon as I finished one bug, another bug hit me. Thankfully, I did not get coveted. One thing that I tend to forget as a shamanic practitioner is that the same tools I use on others I can use on myself. And last night it dawned on me that I had been neglecting my own sense of soul care

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Deborah Pardes
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Going in and coming out!

Well, who doesn't need to hear that? I totally love when I'm able to help others and give them that Pep talk and give them tools and help them rearrange their brains so they can better cope with what's hitting them. And then I turn around sometimes and I'm like, Whoa, I'm feeling completely deleted. That was a slip depleted and deleted. And I have to recharge. And the idea of just dropping in is a super important activity. I need to recharge for sure
Zara Lisbon
@ZLisbon · 3:20
Thank you so much for sharing this. This was so cool to listen to and made me feel so optimistic because I do have tools. I have so many methods to nurture my spirituality and nurture my soul. But for a while now it has felt kind of like a dried up well, and I feel sort of spirituality fatigued. I guess I'm feeling heavy and chaotic in my brain and would love to go on a shamanic journey to get to find peace on a cellular level
Bianca Garwood
@Its_Bink · 1:16
So I think, you know, nouns have a way of sucking us dry. And by nouns, I mean, like, you know, people, places, things. And for a long time think I allowed that because I never had any boundaries in place. And about last year, sometime later last year, I decided to commit to a whole lifestyle change where I focused a lot on what I consumed and the foods that I ate. And I really feel like that drastically changed my outlook on life

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Greetings, Theresa. Thank you so much for creating this space and sharing your journey, which is so relevant. It's interesting. We just, we had no or disagreements. We just have comments that could add too and things just to consider for anyone listening. And that is curious or have questions, because shamanic journey, like it's already been explained, is not very black and white. It's not very absolute. It's very relative, actually
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Bolanile O
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And it's really important to be able to heal ourselves, especially when we need it most, and to take things slowly or slow down at times when we feel like we might just be always on the go because we can deplete ourselves and drain ourselves. And that never helps anyone, won't be as helpful as we want to be for others and definitely not helpful to ourselves. So that's a really great point that you mentioned, so I really appreciate this. Well, and the reminder
Theresa Williams
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Whoa. Deborah, I think that you really hit it on the head there. Depleted and deleted. Sometimes when we are so depleted energetically, we feel like we could be depleted. My God, that's a very powerful thing to start thinking about. And I'm going to set a regular reminder to myself to work on myself daily. It's a practice I used to do often, and I I've gotten away from it. So I'm going to work on all of that
Theresa Williams
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When it comes to the Shamanic Journey practice, it's something that I know I have done ever since I was a child and just didn't have the words for it. Now I do, and it's a significant practice in my life. It's one that I practice on a regular basis and I run in spurts. Sometimes I practice daily and sometimes I just kind of connect in spur of the moment. It really depends on the flow of my own life
Theresa Williams
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What a great tool that you gifted yourself in focusing on what you consume and how it can elevate and enhance your life. More clarity. More focus by default. Creating boundaries for yourself. The biggest boundary of being in the present moment and allowing a new sense of and as you said, response, being responsive as opposed to reactive. Thank you. Thank you for sharing it's
Theresa Williams
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Yes. Exclamation point. Thank you so much for seeing that and for even bringing it into your awareness within yourself. I'm making a commitment to really energize and work on myself more. It's the only way I'm going to be able to show up 100% to help others, see how they can and heal and support themselves